Himachali cuisine is dominated by red meat and wheat bread. Thick and rich gravy, with aromatic spices, is used in abundance as the base of many dishes.

Himachali Food


Most South Indian curries are dry or .... South Indian Sambar. South Indian Chutney. South Indian Sweets. South Indian Snacks. South Indian Podis.

South Indian


A typical North Indian meal would consist of chappatis, paranta or pooris (unleavened flat breads), pilafs, dals, and mild curries.

North Indian


Asia, being the largest and most populous continent, is home to many cultures, many of which have their own characteristic cuisine.



Continental cuisine definition, a style of cooking that includes the better-known dishes of various western European countries.



Multi Cuisine Fine Dine Restaurant. Coral will pamper you with fine dine experience. For the connoisseurs of food the destination cannot be better.

Multi Cuisine


Chinese cuisine is an important part of Chinese culture, which includes cuisine originating from the diverse regions of China.



Oriental cuisine can actually refer to very different styles of Asian cooking depending on the nation or area.



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